LAST EVAN SIGHTING: Sold his car in Vegas.. headed to LA.. then.. LV Again? then Dallas?

clues or collaboration to @devitry or @MenacingPickle on twitter

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On 8/10/09 he sent a check totally $3826 to himself and labeled it “Aug/Sept loan. OPEN
On 8/5/09 he sent a check to Chris Giovinazzo for $75 and marked it “snack time for B+M.” Chris Giovinazzo is listed as Evan's friend on Friendster and played Ultimate for Harvard in 2002 OPEN
On 8/3/09 he sent a check to Chris Pratt for $1450 and didn’t label it. landlord closed
Evan "Exciting to crack the Kidder book. Grt blurb from Finnegan. P. 118 top: "Where should I go?" Purchsd at ABA bookstore."
the two times that Evan visited me in July, the guard called up and said “Donald Evans” is here. possible alias. unfortunately, there are a lot of them.
June 9, San Francisco CAD - $222.12 Not the computer aided design school, what could this mean? OPEN
July 15, Ahearn Group, LLP - $31.94 Evan bought the book How to Disappear Shipped it to 2299 Mission Street, SF Beauty Bar. Why is this? OPEN
June 8, Bay Area Motorcycle Training - $250.00 Cost of cycle safety training course. Possibly on motorcycle. Has he bought one yet?
August 24 Viceroy Hotel Rest Santa Monica CA -$17.00 Was this even him? Staff don't remember seeing him. Contact
Aug 25: 2323 Borders in Vegas. DON’T GO. We KNOW! Bookstore in Las Vegas where evan probably was yesterday.
July 17, 2009. 1-800CONTACTS $74.98. Colored contact lenses. Evan is changing his appearance. closed
HST—FaLiLV/tRD:aN/HA:aSaTS; TW—tRS/tEKAA/tBotV; FSF—TItN/tGG/tCCoBB; JC—LJ/HoD/aOoP; JM—JGS/MWS/tBotH; GD—BB:aBaJ/tCoM/tMotS; see GR (source @EvansVanished) book list: Is this a template for his trip?
TK—tSoaNM/MBM/SiWR (just found out—this comes out tomorrow!)" (source: Good reads)
Hunter s. Thompson -- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/The Rum Diary: a Novel/Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

Tom Wolfe -- The Right Stuff/The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test/The Bonfire of the Vanities

F. Scott Fitzgerald -- Tender Is the Night/The Great Gatsby/The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Joseph Conrad -- Lord Jim/Heart of Darkness/An Outpost of Progress

Joseph Mitchell -- Joe Gould's Secret/McSorley's Wonderful Saloon/The Bottom of the Harbor

Geoffrey Dyer -- But Beautiful: A Book About Jazz/The Color of Memory/The Missing of the Somme

Tracy Kidder -- The Sould of a New Machine/Mountains Beyond Mountains/Strength in What Remains
Yelp Reviews 1774 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 861-8440 Call Car Collision Categories: Auto Repair, Body Shops Neighborhood: Mission 5 star rating 5/6/2008 Evan took his car here, so they might know something about it. Called them and they revealed his license plate: 4mun09 a google of this links here here Two clues.. maybe or maybe not evan are left. Blue Devils Ultimate 4ever! --comment entered June 11, 1999 The other one is a cryptic link to las vegas 4 seasons. closed?
Uva Enoteca review As a gluten-intolerant person myself, twitter search reveals runningratliff which also pointed to las vegas
Lilly's Pet Care review Cat's name is Henry, maybe an alias
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